A small yellow sign on the front door says “Honest and Affordable” and that’s only part of the story.  I recently inherited a Toyota from my mom and was looking for a shop who could do the timing belt and water pump kit.  I’ve done them before but only on much older vehicles so I was not prepared to tackle it myself.  I rarely have to go to a shop because I tend to do most repairs myself.  I therefore dreaded the notion of finding one.  I called around to several and got the usual BS with super high quotes and the normal arrogant disinterested approach one often sees from mechanics.  It was by pure chance that I found Rick’s and I am thrilled.  Rick and I talked for awhile about cars and I was surprised that he actually treated me with respect.  I’m no mechanic but I’ve been fixing my own cars for forty years, so it was nice not to be talked to as if I was an idiot like most mechanics are inclined to do.  We finally got around to a quote and he first informed me that he only uses OEM parts and though the kit could be found cheaper at an AutoZone, etc., he would not go that way, particularly for such an important job.  I admired this attitude and his convictions.  Despite the higher price for OEM parts his quote came under all other places I had approached.  My research showed he did not inflate the cost of the parts and his labor charges and time estimated was right on the money.  I knew even before the job had been done that I had found that rarest of auto shops – one with integrity and honesty as their foundation.  The job was done the following week, on time and within the stated quote. Best thing about it is I know the job was done well.  You look at Rick and you can see he’s the Real McCoy.  Beware of big shops that claim to be #1 in Reno or most popular, or Voted in the Reno Gazette as Best, or whatever.  I’ll take the smaller shop with someone like Rick at the helm any day of the week.  I’ve passed his card on to several friends with the same assurance I give any readers here.  How nice that someone lives up to what they advertise on their front door.

 Marc R.Happy Customer!

Rick an honest and affordable repair shop. I take my car to him whenever the dreaded check engine light comes on. He never sells me stuff I dont need. My car is always done in a timely manner. Thanks rick. My subaru legacy is now running like a champ……again

 Bobby B. Happy Customer!

I am glad I found this shop because I have been throwing money down the toilet with other mechanics. Ricks Auto Repair has given me and my own company honest and very affordable vehicle service and repairs. I highly recommend this place to anyone that needs auto repairs done. They walk you through everything and show you the old parts, why and how they went bad.

 Phillip H. Happy Customer!