Brake Repair Specialists

Brake Repair Specialists – Reno, NV

At Rick’s Total Car Care in Reno, NV, we understand that motor vehicles play a huge role in our daily lives, ferrying human beings and goods from point A to B. To keep the vehicles running smoothly through their lifespan they require regular service and maintenance. The most critical part of a vehicle is the engine and the wheels that move the car.

A vehicle that operates properly should be able to move around with ease and come to a stop when needful, to ensure this happens regular check-ups on the breaks an repair is necessary.

The braking system is the most integral part of the car and should be handled by a brake specialist and not a newbie. Conducting your break repairs might be very tempting in a bid to save some money, but it is certainly not a good idea, let the specialists handle the breaks of your precious automotive.

Our reliable specialists should be able to handle a variety of cars from different manufacturers be it Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, GM, dodge or a Lexus and produce the best possible results.